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Conor Cunneen, speaker for Emergency Nurses

Stress is a major issue for nurses, but none more so than those in the ER. Emergency Nurses work in a unique environment where patients constantly experience emotional and physical trauma and nurses are subject to verbal and physical abuse. Not surprisingly, the net result is stress.

“Fantastic speaker on the Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior) – much appreciated and taken to heart to be used when times can be difficult at home and at work. Thank you. I wish more of our staff nurses could experience it. We will have to take the message back.”

Edward Hospital

Motivational speaker Conor Cunneen is a Chicago based Irishman (with a brogue to prove it) who provides compelling, powerful and funny concepts to help emergency nurses deal with stress and head home, even after a long shift, with a spring in the step, a smile on the face and a beat in the heart. (Medical experts suggest this is really important!!!)

So, the next time you are seeking a motivational humorous speaker for your Emergency Nurses event, or you are seeking an inspirational, funny speaker on stress reduction, pick up that Alexander Graham Bell device and phone the easy to work with and very practical Conor Cunneen at 630 718 1643. You will be greeted by a delighted Irish brogue and a very warm welcome.

Emergency Nurses Association Strategic Plan


Kathleen E. Carlson, MSN, RN, CEN, FAEN, Named President of the Emergency Nurses Association

DES PLAINES, Ill. (January 4, 2016) – The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) today announced Kathleen E. Carlson, MSN, RN, CEN, FAEN, will lead the largest professional association of more than 40,000 emergency nurses, as elected president for one year. Carlson will work with the ENA Board of Directors to set the strategic direction of the Association. She has general oversight of the Board of Directors, and serves as the official representative and spokesperson of ENA.
“Kathie, an emergency nurse herself, understands the challenges our members face on a daily basis in the emergency nursing profession,” said ENA Past President and Interim Executive Director, Matthew F. Powers, MS, BSN, RN, MICP, CEN. “Her concern, passion and commitment to growth and innovation to move the organization forward exemplify her strong leadership capabilities. Kathie’s interest in the retention of emergency nurses will be an important focal point during her tenure, and will positively impact the profession.”
Carlson, of Hampton, Virginia, is an emergency department nurse at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, and has been actively involved with ENA throughout her career including time spent on the Association’s Board of Directors.

PHONE Conor Cunneen IrishmanSpeaks at 630 718 1643 to book your next event.


Conor was utterly charming, funny and engaging – but, also drove home a real “life lesson” with The Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior.)

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Speaker for nurses week and oncology

Conor at Ann Arundel Medical Center. He is wearing a Monty Python pajama bottom bearing the legend “It’s just a flesh wound!” This humorous motivational speaker purchased the pajamas when going for prostate cancer surgery!

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