Employee Retention in Healthcare: Tip #4 of 5

Employee Retention in Healthcare: Tip #4 of 5

As a Healthcare Manager or Nurse Leader, you probably tear your hair out wondering how to improve employee engagement and employee retention? It is not easy in a healthcare environment where so many people are burned out / fatigued and just plain fed up. But t can be done by following 5 tips outlined by employee engagement speaker IrishmanSpeaks who gives thanks everyday for the great nursing and medical community who helped him through two bouts of cancer.

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Use Positive Words and Positive Phrases with your Healthcare team / patients and family

Trying to determine how to improve employee engagement and employee retention is challenging whether you are in Healthcare, Hospitality or any other industry you wish to think of. Your role as a manager or nurse leader in these current challenging times brings many sleepless nights. You toss and turn, often not knowing who is going to turn up for work tomorrow or who is going to resign. However each of these five employee engagement tips I provide in this series will help you create a better workplace environment in your healthcare facility. It will also improve employee retention and engagement, provided you act on them.

Each tip provides an element of the acronym CHAPS. The CHAPS concept suggests five simple Micro-Goals that address the core question as to how to improve employee engagement. These are actionable activities that will address what is often referred to as the great resignation.

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You Can’t Substantially Improve Employee Net Worth.

You CAN Substantially Improve Employee SELF Worth

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My core belief as an employee engagement speaker and consultant is that most healthcare managers and nurse leaders cannot significantly impact employees net worth, but literally everyone – managers / leaders / co-workers CAN substantially impact the self worth of employees, direct reports and peers.

Briefly, the  CHAPS Micro-Goals relate to:

C – Compliment one person today. (SEE Employee Engagement article on The Power of a Compliment).

H – Hear β€˜Thank You’ (See more on Employee Engagement TIp “Hear”)

A – Address colleagues / customers with their name (See how this improves Employee Engagement)

P – Positive words create positive impact

S – Smile – as in, Put a smile on someone’s face.

In this article, we look at Micro-Goal #4 to specifically address How to improve employee engagement. As indicated in previous articles, while you may be practicing some of the elements of CHAPS, the important thing is to set these employee engagement ideas as Micro-Goals.

The reason for setting them as Micro-Goals, is that we do feel better when we achieve a goal. This occurs because the brain releases dopamine – the feel good chemical when we achieve a goal. So, let’s look at the next goal to enhance employee retention and get rid of that dreaded β€œGreat Resignation.”

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How to Improve Employee Engagement: Use Positive Words and Phrases

Some people just make you feel good. Some people don’t! Words and phrases are really important in generating a good work atmosphere and environment. Set yourself a Micro-Goal that in conversation today, you will deliberately and intentionally drop in positive words or phrases. It will change the conversation and how people see you as once again, you generate another dopamine hit that benefits not just you but your colleagues.

When you think of people who make you feel good and regularly put you in a good mood, it is highly likely that that person regularly uses positive words and phrases, complimenting, giving high-fives, kudos etc. Why not practice this micro-goal yourself as you show leadership, employees, co-workers how to create a better culture and engagement in a fruitful and productive manner.

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